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Over $20 Billion Won for the Injured & Wronged

In the demanding maritime industry, longshoremen, harbor workers, seamen, and shipyard workers in Washington face significant risks. When injuries occur on the job, they have specific legal rights under maritime laws like the Jones Act. 

At Arnold & Itkin, our Washington maritime attorneys are dedicated to representing injured maritime workers across the U.S. We help workers involved in offshore accidents and families of seamen who have lost their lives. With in-depth knowledge of the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, Death on the High Seas Act, Jones Act, and general maritime law, we strive to secure financial compensation crucial for your recovery and future.

Why choose a Washington maritime attorney at Arnold & Itkin? The complexity of maritime injury claims, especially those requiring proof of negligence under the Jones Act, demands experienced legal guidance. Our attorneys have handled some of the biggest maritime cases in U.S. history, helping crews and families see justice served.

Key Ports in Washington State

Our maritime injury lawyers assist clients with claims related to all types of maritime work in Washington's ports, as well as on vessels traveling to and from these ports, such as:

  • Port of Tacoma: A major North American gateway to Asia and Alaska, the Port of Tacoma on Commencement Bay is vital for international trade. Governed by the Port of Tacoma Commission, it handles about 9 to 13 million tons of diverse cargo each year, including grains, vehicles, electronics, and more.
  • Port of Seattle: Playing a crucial role in international trade and travel to the Pacific Northwest, the Port of Seattle handles about 26.1 million metric tons of containerized cargo each year. Managed by the Port of Seattle Commission, it significantly contributes to regional employment and economic activity.
  • Port of Olympia: Located at the Deschutes River mouth, this port specializes in forest products, containers, and breakbulk cargoes. Olympia, the state capital, benefits from the port's robust trade activities.
  • Port of Everett: Established in 1918 and located at the Snohomish River mouth, the Port of Everett is known for its deep-water capabilities and large marina. The Port of Everett Board of Commissioners oversees its operations, focusing on cement, containers, and general cargo.
  • Port of Bellingham: In northwestern Washington, near Seattle, the Port of Bellingham specializes in handling bulk and breakbulk cargoes. The Port of Bellingham Commission manages its operations.

Our services also extend to other ports in Washington, such as the Port of Grays Harbor, Port of Almota, Port of Blaine, and more, encompassing the state's extensive network of over 40 ports.

Talk to a Skilled Washington Maritime Lawyer

Your initial consultation with a Washington maritime attorney at our firm is complimentary and confidential. This meeting is an opportunity to understand your rights as a maritime worker and explore the options for your offshore injury claim. When your financial security and your family's future depend on the outcome of your case, it's crucial to work with a firm that has a proven record of success such as Arnold & Itkin.

Contact a Washington maritime lawyer at Arnold & Itkin today. Call (888) 346-5024.

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