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Case Filed on Behalf of Offshore Worker Injured in a Personnel Basket Accident

Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis filed suit today in Harris County, Texas on behalf of a maritime worker who was severely injured while working on an offshore platform. Our client was being transferred on a personnel basket from the platform to a vessel when, suddenly, the crane operator negligently dropped the basket. The offshore worker was violently thrown from the basket, causing him to sustain injuries to his backs, knees, wrists, and other parts of his body. These severe injuries will require invasive and extensive medical treatments.

Vessel owners have a responsibility to make sure personnel basket transfer operators are adequately trained and know how to perform this procedure properly. For that reason, the vessel owner should be held liable for their negligent behavior and the injuries caused to our client. The maritime accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have an extensive history of holding companies accountable for injuring innocent and hardworking offshore employees. We look forward to representing our client in obtaining justice for his injuries.

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