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Carnival Cruise Ship Collision Injures 6 in Mexico

Two cruise ships owned by Carnival Cruises collided at a port in Cozumel, Mexico today, in a statement released by the company. Six people were injured and were examined at the Carnival Glory medical center. The collision occurred when a Carnival Glory ship tried to dock, inadvertently crashing into a Carnival Legend ship. One of the ships was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

"I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing what I did," a passenger on a nearby vessel told ABC News. She said it was the "first time I've ever been scared on a cruise line."

The Carnival Glory is based in New Orleans and is scheduled to return to port on December 22. It can hold up to 2,980 passengers.

Who Is Responsible for Cruise Ship Accidents?

Generally speaking, there are two parties responsible for any accident at sea: the captain of the vessel and/or the owner of the vessel. In this case, the captain of the Carnival Legend (the ship that struck the Carnival Glory) would likely be the responsible party for the crash, as well as Carnival Cruises if their actions contributed to the accident. However, there’s no sure way to know until the accident is investigated.

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