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Claim Filed for Seaman Made Ill by Toxic Pathogens

Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a hardworking seaman who contracted a life-threatening respiratory illness two times while working aboard a cargo ship—the APL PHILLIPINES—out of Los Angeles, CA. Arnold & Itkin has filed suit against the ship’s owner and operator, both of whom owed our client a safe working environment free from toxic pathogens.

In a context where most people are living from paycheck-to-paycheck, life-threatening illnesses don't just affect a person's health. It affects their housing, their prospects, and their financial stability (short- and long-term). Companies don't consider the financial impact of their negligence when it comes to medical bills, much less how their workers are forced to incur debt to keep their homes or put food on the table.

Our offshore injury lawyers look forward to representing this man in seeking the justice he deserves. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County, California.

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