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Offshore Accidents
It is no secret that offshore vessels are dangerous places to work. One of the biggest hazards on many offshore vessels is work that must be performed in a confined space. In addition to hazards that are present in open spaces such as being struck by an object, confined spaces contain additional unique hazards. Even hazards that are minor in open spaces can become exacerbated by conditions in a ...
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Arnold & Itkin News
The maritime attorneys at Arnold & Itkin filed a lawsuit recently on behalf of an Arizona man who was injured while he was aboard a fishing yacht. Our client was on the second deck of the yacht when the captain of the vessel came to an abrupt stop while traveling at a high speed. The force of the stop caused our client to fall to the floor of the second deck. During his fall, he hit his head on a ...
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At approximately 1:20 a.m. on Monday, two eastbound Kirby Inland Marine barges and two westbound Enterprise Marine Services barges collided at mile marker 349 near Bolivar Peninsula in Texas. The two Kirby barges had been being pushed by the tug Capt. Shorty C; the other barges were being pushed by the tug Jackie. According to a U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer, the accident occurred after one of ...
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The Port of Houston is a 25-mile-long complex located on the southeast side of Houston. It connects to the Gulf of Mexico and is the country’s busiest port for foreign exports. In terms of total tonnage, it is the country’s second busiest port, trailing only the Port of South Louisiana. The port traffics over 200 million tons of goods each year. Port of Houston Statistics No. of major cargo ...
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