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Crew Boat Accidents & Injuries

Crew boats are often referred to as the water taxis of the offshore industry, as they are actively involved in personnel transfers. These boats are usually between 30 to 200 feet long; the smaller vessels can be used on bays and inland waters, whereas the larger vessels can take personnel up to 200 miles offshore, withstanding more inclement weather and sea conditions.

Crew Boat Accidents: During the Transfer

Unfortunately, while crew boats are a vital part of the offshore industry, these vessels are not without their safety concerns. Accidents can happen, and injuries can occur. For example, a maritime worker may be injured during the transfer itself—regardless of whether it is completed with the use of a transfer basket, gangway, surfer, or accommodation ladder. The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is clear that specific rules need to be followed during a crew transfer:

  • Participants in the transfer need to be briefed on the procedures / involved equipment
  • Assistance should be available at both ends of the transfer (crew boat and vessel itself)
  • An experienced individual needs to be on location to supervise the transfer
  • Personnel being transferred need to have full use of both hands
  • Personnel should be given either a hand rail or a some other form of support
  • Movable gate should be supplied (when necessary) to avoid personnel climbing over rails

If the above guidelines are not adhered to, serious accidents could occur.

Crew Boats Accidents: During the Voyage

A transfer is not the only situation in which an accident could occur while aboard a crew boat.

Injury-causing accidents could also occur during the voyage itself, such as:

  • Grease / oil on the deck causing individuals to slip
  • Poor handling of the vessel causing individuals to fall
  • Individuals being hit by cargo dislodged during rough weather
  • Poorly maintained equipment (ex: broken stairs) causing an accident

Regardless of whether your injury was caused by poor maintenance or other unsafe or unseaworthy conditions, you should not hesitate to contact a lawyer to review your situation. You could have grounds to file a maritime injury case.

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