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Off-Rig BOP Monitoring can Improve Safety in Offshore Operations

Workers on offshore rigs can often be in danger, but they are isolated from the mainland and getting help quickly can be difficult. Sometimes communication is patchy in the ocean and in times when it is necessary to contact someone it may be almost impossible to do so.

That is why new technologies such as off-rig BOP monitoring could be a great benefit to offshore workers and companies everywhere. With developing technology, individuals can collect raw BOP data from pressure switches, pressure transducers, flow meters and solenoids and transfer that to an onshore web server. This will then turn the raw BOP data into information that is available on the internet for mainlanders to analyze.

Technology proves that these off-rig communications could provide operators on the mainland with a 24-hour detailed summary of all major BOP functions at any given time. Reports could even be archived so that they can be referred back to. Operators could monitor the hydraulic pressure on a BOP rig, or look at the control history.

This took could review and monitor drilling and safety equipment on a regulars basis and identify any equipment problems on a rig before they become a critical issue that could result in injury or death. The off-rig communication can also aid workers to review operational procedures on the rig on a regular basis and make sure that they are getting the straight scoop on how the rig is working. The goal is to improve operations and increase safety on rigs in U.S. waters.

BOP monitoring aims to move form a time-based maintenance program to a cycle-based one and determine the useful life of the BOP components. As well, the BOP monitoring could help to develop metrics and identify equipment problems. Monitoring is a three part problem that will have to do with the raw data acquisition and storage, the analysis f that data, and how to present the information in a readable format. If technological inventors are able to fully utilize BOP technology, then one person will be able to monitor multiple rigs in the ocean on a regular basis.

Drilling contractors will be able to monitor and improve their operations and provide expert guidance to workers on a rig. As well, the contractors will be able to perform preventative maintenance because they will know the errors on the rig ahead of time before they become a serious problem, As well, off-rig BOP monitoring could help companies to oversee their drilling and safety operations from the mainland, and regulators will be able to utilize manpower to insure adherence to regulatory requirements.

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