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Arnold & Itkin File Suit for Offshore Worker with Injured Knee

Arnold & Itkin recently took on the case of a man who was severely injured while working on a cargo ship. The man attempted to make a rope swing so that he could transfer to a different platform on the vessel, but did not realize that the platform owner placed a rail over the proper landing area. As a result, the worker injured his knee when he tried to travel to the platform. He then had to swing over to another deck.

This was a dangerous maneuver, and when he landed he suffered severe injuries to his knee. He also suffered various other injuries in the incident. The offshore worker has already undergone knee surgery to help relieve his body of the pain of his injury. At Arnold & Itkin, we fight for the rights of injured offshore workers and work to make sure that they get the compensation that they deserve after their injuries. Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are working on this case for the firm. The case is currently pending in the Southern District of Texas.

If you want more information about offshore injury lawsuits, call Arnold & Itkin right away for more information!

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