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East Texas Offshore Worker Sues Employer for Injured Ankle

A Jones Act lawsuit was filed on behalf of an injured seaman who is blaming his employer for his ankle injury he sustained while being transported from a vessel to the shore. The suit is being filed against a number of companies, including National Response Corp., DRC Emergency Services, U.S. Environmental Services, International Offshore Services, International Construction Group, and Strad Energy Services USA Ltd.

The incident occurred in October of 2010 when the man was working onboard a vessel. While he was being moved from that vessel back to the shore, the man is claiming that he was thrown to the floor of the vessel, causing his ankle fracture. The report states that the vessel did not have the necessary safety equipment, handrails, and therefore caused the offshore worker his injuries. There was also not adequate seating, meaning the man could not sit down to ensure safety.

The injured party is claiming that the negligence of his employer caused his injuries and is looking to be compensated for medical expenses, loss of wages for time off of work, physical pain and suffering, maintenance and cure, punitive damage, and attorney's fees, among others. The case will not settle outside of court because a jury trial has been requested.

If you are a seaman and have been injured in an offshore accident while performing your job duties, then you are entitled to file a Jones Act claim. Offshore workers have a number of offshore rights under maritime law that ensure they will be at least partially compensated and taken care of after an injury. If this fracture injury was caused by a negligent third party, then the man will likely be compensated. An offshore injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin may be able to help you with your offshore claim. Contact a Jones Act lawyer from their firm today if you have been injured offshore.

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