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Recently, two incidents involving storms and offshore work have grabbed headlines. The first incident occurred last fall when the Deepwater Asgard was left in the path of a hurricane despite pleas from the crew and warnings from weather experts. The incident was harrowing and resulted in an experience that some of the crew members will forever be traumatized by. The second incident resulted in ...
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Jones Act, Offshore Injuries
Most people associate the Jones Act with hazardous conditions and accidents that injure seamen. For decades, the Jones Act has held employers accountable for failing to provide a safe work environment. While the Jones Act covers accidents like falls, explosions, toxic exposure, and other dangerous situations, many offshore workers don’t realize they might be able to recover damages after being ...
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What Is the Mariner’s 1-2-3 Rule?

One of the easiest ways to keep ships and their crewmembers safe from hurricanes and strong tropical storms is by making sure they don’t have to be in them at all. This is where the Mariner’s 1-2-3 rule comes in. The Mariner’s 1-2-3 rule helps vessel navigators avoid encountering a dangerous storm because of a weather forecast error. It’s also known as the Danger Zone Rule, and the “1-2-3" part of ...
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For centuries, injured seamen had one option after an injury at work: maintenance and cure . This maritime law requires no fault to be proven after an offshore accident for a worker to receive compensation. It only requires that a worker sustained their injuries on the vessel they're employed on or while performing the duties of their job. However, any payment an injured person receives for their ...
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Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold , Caj Boatright , Roland Christiansen , Joseph McGowin , and Claire Traver are currently representing a Texas man who was injured while working offshore. Our client fell over an unmarked hazard on the working surface of the vessel he was aboard, which resulted in severe injuries to his knee and wrist. His injuries could have easily been prevented if his ...
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Offshore Worker Injured by Loose Cable

Attorneys Kurt Arnold , Caj Boatright , Roland Christiansen , Joseph McGowin , and Claire Traver are currently representing a man injured while working offshore. Our client sustained serious injuries after he was struck in the face by a heavy cable that broke free as he was working. Offshore work takes place in one of the most dangerous settings possible. When employers fail to follow basic safety ...
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Understanding how your nationality or the flag of your vessel can affect your ability to file an injury claim starts with understanding the Jones Act and why it was created. Accidents can and often do happen to fishermen, oil rig workers, cruise ship crew members, and other offshore workers. Yet, for many years, injured offshore workers couldn’t recover the compensation that they needed to recover ...
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What Is a Maelstrom?

Also known as a whirlpool or an oceanic blackhole, maelstroms are powerful natural phenomena that have struck fear into the hearts of seamen for centuries. A maelstrom is a strong rotational current that’s created when weather and conditions with currents are just right. They occur when opposite currents collide and create a circular vortex. Vikings feared maelstroms because they are large enough ...
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Most offshore injury claims come from incidents that occur in the maritime field such as slip and falls , rigging accidents , or other common dangers . However, one of the most dangerous and constant challenges an offshore worker can face is cold exposure. If a maritime worker is exposed to frigid waters, they could suffer from hypothermia, frostbite, or other severe complications. Maritime ...
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