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Deepwater Horizon Regulations Rolled Back

Last Thursday, the White House eased safety rules for offshore drilling rigs created after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. The administration claimed that loosening regulations will provide a boost in energy production. The initial regulations were originally put in place by the Obama administration in 2016. The reversal to the rules will be effective on December 27, 2018. The regulations ...
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At Arnold & Itkin, our offshore injury attorneys highlight the importance of eliminating negligence on the part of employers and ship owners in the maritime industry. Doing this provides a safe environment for the thousands of offshore workers and passengers that utilize seagoing vessels daily. Examining the following maritime accidents reveals the importance of accountability and reveals how ...
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How the Jones Act Affects the US Navy

Since 1920, the Merchant Marine Act has served to protect workers on vessels traveling between American ports. Also known as the Jones Act, it provides protections to Americans working on ships normally provided to US workers on land. As a whole, the law was designed to bolster American trade. Besides protecting offshore workers from employer negligence, this law introduced several restrictions on ...
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Arnold & Itkin filed suit on behalf of a contractor severely burned in a fire at the John Bludworth shipyard in Corpus Christi, Texas. An electrical box that had previously had problems caught fire again and burned the worker over several parts of his body and required a lengthy hospital stay. Burn injuries are some of the costliest injuries any person can suffer. Between weeks of hospitalization, ...
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Recently, our blog comprehensively covered Bouchard Transportation's safety record —their history of ignoring serious vapor leaks, their culture of secrecy, and their high turnover rate that kept problems from being solved conclusively. All of these problems contributed to the barge explosion last October that killed two men. Our firm is representing the family of one of the men who died that ...
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Shell was fined £60,000 (almost $70,000) for health and safety breaches after a worker was struck by a cylinder and left severely injured at the platform. The platform was being decommissioned when the worker was severely injured aboard the Brent Delta oil platform in the North Sea. The accident occurred when pressured nitrogen cylinder was discharged uncontrollably and as a result injured 3 ...
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Case Filed on Behalf of Seaman Injured on Tug

The offshore injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP have recently filed suit against Savage Inland Marine LLC on behalf of a Jones Act seaman. The worker suffered personal injuries while he was fulfilling his duties as directed aboard a tug known as Savage Mentor. Here, the seaman was exposed to abundant amounts of mold, making the Savage Mentor unseaworthy . Because of his exposure to mold, the ...
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Over the last two weeks, we posted two blogs regarding a barge that exploded near Port Aransas, taking the lives of two men. In the first blog, we discussed the beginning of the Coast Guard’s hearing regarding the incident, and then we explored the heartbreaking eyewitness testimony that emerged during the trial’s first week. This week, our law firm assisted the family of Jackson as we continued ...
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On October 20, ship engineer Timothy Lerette and a co-worker sailed into the dark waters of the Gulf to find his crewmates. He saw a lifejacket floating a short distance from the Bouchard-owned oil barge they worked on. He knew who it was: Du'jour Vanterpool, 26, one of two crewmembers working on the deck that night. He was dead. "We tried to retrieve him but he slipped out of his life jacket and ...
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