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If you have been injured while employed on a drilling rig, it is vitally important that no time is wasted in getting the legal counsel that you deserve. With years of experience, our offshore injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have been successful in recovering billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

For example, we helped represent a Louisiana seaman who had been working on a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. During the course of his employment, our client had suffered a serious injury to his hand. Our firm took on the case and filed in Texas, where our client's employee was based. We went to work seeking just compensation for medical expenses and wage lost, as well as pain and suffering. After months of negotiations, we recovered a $3,000,000 settlement.

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Common Accidents on Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are essentially giant machines that are used to create holes to extract oil and gas—they are common on both land and offshore. When marine-based, these machines are often referred to as offshore oil rigs and oil platforms—in some cases may not even have a drilling rig attached. These offshore vessels are used to not only extract the oil and natural gas, but to also store them until it is transferred to land.

Common types of offshore drilling rigs include the following:

  • Fixed Platforms
  • Compliant Towers
  • Semi-Submersible Platform
  • Jack-Up Drilling Rig
  • Drillship

Unfortunately, offshore drilling rigs can be dangerous for the employees and result in serious accidents. From 2001 to 2010, the U.S. Minerals Management Service reported the following on offshore rigs:

  • 69 Offshore Deaths
  • 1,349 Injuries
  • 858 Fires & Explosions

This is often due to the inherently dangerous nature of working offshore with slippery working conditions, as well as adverse sea and weather conditions. Other common causes of drill rig accidents include:

  • Failure of Equipment
  • Failure to Maintain Equipment
  • Loss of Well Control
  • Rig Collapse
  • Collision / Allision
  • Human Error

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If you were working on a drilling rig and suffered a serious injury, we encourage you to contact a maritime lawyer from Arnold & Itkin as soon as possible. We are proud to offer experienced legal representation for workers nationwide and have proven ourselves as serious trial lawyers for serious cases. With a contingency fee basis, you don't have to pay us a dime unless we are able to win your case. To learn more about how we can help, or to request your 100% free case evaluation, give us a call at (888) 346-5024 or fill out our online consultation form!

What is it Like To Work With Arnold & Itkin

Arnold & Itkin represented nearly a third of the crewmembers injured in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

I encountered professionalism, understanding, compassion… lot of compassion. They really felt for what me and my wife were going through.
~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

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Because maritime law is so complex and so complicated, it is crucial that you work with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of how it works and who has proven themselves in similar cases before.

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