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When working as a longshoreman or harbor worker, on an oil rig off the coast of Mississippi, or as a Jones Act seaman on a vessel that transports goods between sea or river ports, you may be at risk of serious injury. Maritime dangers are only escalated in the presence of negligence, poor training, or defective equipment.

Arnold & Itkin is the type of firm you need by your side when dealing with a complex Jones Act or other maritime injury claim. Our team is highly experienced with a proven track record of success.

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Maritime trade is important to Mississippi, and thousands of workers throughout the state have chosen to work in this industry. At Arnold & Itkin, we serve all seaports and river ports in the state of Mississippi, including:

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What Do Maritime Workers Say About Us?

I encountered professionalism, understanding, compassion… lot of compassion. They really felt for what me and my wife were going through.

~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

I’ve been in the oilfield 30 years. I’ve seen guys win cases, lose cases…I could tell he was a lawyer who knew what he was doing.

~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

They made me feel very secure…They were looking out for my best interests, and they he cared about the things that were going on with me.

~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

I couldn’t have asked for better lawyers or a better law firm.

~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

Practice Areas & Helpful Information

Maritime / Offshore Information

We at Arnold & Itkin have seen the level of devastation that offshore accidents can cause. From the explosion of
oil rigs to maritime employers who place workers in dangerous conditions, we have seen and handled it all.

  • Offshore Injuries Learn More

    As an injured seaman, you may find it particularly important to find applicable, easy-to-understand information pertaining to maritime injury claims and your legal rights. These topics are easily misunderstood due to the numerous legal complexities at play, not to mention the false information that can be found online or by talking to friends, family members, or fellow seamen.

    At Arnold & Itkin, we wish to provide you
    with relevant and accurate information.

    You are welcome to browse through the information on this website; we also suggest that you call our offshore injury attorneys to speak directly with a professional who can address your unique concerns.

  • Seaman Injury Learn More

    After sustaining an injury in an accident at your offshore jobsite, you will need to have a thorough understanding of your rights and the proper legal action to take. Whether you are working aboard a vessel or an offshore oil platform, Arnold & Itkin LLP can provide you with a detailed summary of your rights.

    Under the Jones Act, an injured seaman
    has a right to receive certain benefits.

    While the law regarding a seaman's rights to recover these benefits is very clear, some employers believe that they have the right to choose which benefits are paid. In cases such as this, or when an employer refuses to pay benefits altogether, it is important to involve a Mississippi offshore injury attorney.

  • Jones Act Learn More

    The Jones Act is a federal law that provides relief for injured seamen or their survivors who are harmed by a ship owner's negligence or the unseaworthiness of a vessel. If you were injured while working offshore, the Jones Act may allow you to recover maintenance and cure, as well as compensation for lost wages.

    The Jones Act can provide a way to get you
    & your family back on the road to recovery.

    However, this act is a complex area of law. It is important to involve an attorney who can protect your rights to the fullest extent under this federal statute. With a Mississippi offshore injury lawyer from our firm to handle your claim, you can experience peace of mind in knowing your interests will be protected.

  • Harbor Workers Learn More

    Harbor workers are not traditionally considered “seamen”; however, that does not mean that they do not have a significant impact on the maritime industry. Instead, harbor workers contribute significantly in a variety of different functions ranging from construction to conversion to dry docking.

    If a harbor worker is injured on the job,
    they are covered by the LHWCA.

    Under the LHWCA, injured harbor workers and their families could be entitled to compensation. If this is your situation, it is important to know your rights under this act. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we have recovered billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. We can help fight for you.

  • Types of Accidents Learn More

    Collisions, human error, rig collapses, shifting cargo, adverse weather, slippery surfaces, loss of well control, and improperly loaded vessels can all contribute to offshore accidents aboard ships and oil platforms along the coast and in the inland waterways of Mississippi. If you are injured, however, what are your rights?

    As an injured Mississippi maritime worker,
    it is your right to seek compensation.

    One of the first steps to take is to schedule a free consultation. With our experience and our commitment to fighting for maximum compensation, you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands.

  • Maritime Piracy Learn More

    Although maritime piracy may seem like a thing of the past, $16 billion is lost every year because of piracy attacks. These armed gangs prey on smaller commercial vessels by attempting to take them by surprise.

    As there was 250+ pirate attacks in 2013,
    it is clear how large of an issue this is.

    If a loved one was injured, taken hostage, or killed because of a pirate attack, employer negligence or recklessness could have been part of the problem. The Jones Act and general maritime law are ways that you could make a claim for the damages you have sustained. Our team is here to help you.

  • Oil Spill Claims Learn More

    Oil spills are more than just destructive environmental issues. They can also cause significant damage to local businesses and can even affect the health of nearby residents. It is therefore crucial that if you have been affected by a serious oil spill that you contact an experienced maritime lawyer who you can trust.

    You may be able to file a claim
    seeking to recover compensation.

    At Arnold & Itkin, we are vastly experienced in oil and gas cases—we even represented more than one third of the Deepwater Horizon crew. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, give us a call.

  • Maritime Law Learn More

    What should you do when you or a loved one suffers a serious injury on a ship or oil platform? How do you protect your family and your livelihood? You can start by calling an experienced maritime lawyer at Arnold & Itkin to understand your right to seek compensation from your employer!

    We have a deep knowledge of the various
    federal statutes comprising maritime law.

    We understand the differences among the federal acts and know the complexities of the law to get you the compensation you deserve. With considerable experience and a proven track record of success in this field (including billions of dollars), we are ready to determine exactly how we help you.

  • Longshoreman Rights Learn More

    The primary occupation of a longshoreman is the loading and unloading of cargo from ships. Besides being physically strong and able to move heavy objects, longshoremen also must be able to operate loading equipment. Due to the dangerous machinery involved, there is a high risk of serious injuries.

    Longshoremens’ rights are
    upheld by the NMSA and OSHA.

    If you were injured while working, our maritime injury firm could fight to protect your rights as well as fight for the highest amount of compensation possible. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation!

  • Types of Injuries Learn More

    Every day, Mississippi offshore workers face the risk of injury. They are exposed to hazardous work that can cause burns, electrocution, head injuries, loss of a limb, and fatalities. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or loss of limb while working offshore, you may be entitled to compensation.

    To learn about your rights
    as a maritime worker, call us.

    Our firm understands the complexities of maritime law and knows how to get you the compensation you deserve. We have obtained billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for the injured, and we are ready to help you.

  • Oil Rig Explosions Learn More

    A maritime worker injured in an explosion has legal rights to compensation for the harm they have suffered, including disfigurement, pain and suffering, future medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of being retrained. If a loved one died while engaged in maritime work, you may also be able to file a claim.

    Our attorneys can provide helpful guidance
    in the wake of a maritime explosion.

    These matters are often complex, due to the fact that various maritime laws may apply, depending on the nature of work being performed, the location of the incident, and other factors. With considerable experience, Arnold & Itkin LLP can provide the level of knowledgeable counsel an injured seaman deserves.

  • Company Profiles Learn More

    Throughout Mississippi, there are countless maritime and energy-related companies operating—with their operations ranging from transport to gas drilling to commercial fishing. If you or someone you love was hurt while in their employ, you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help fight for your rights.

    Contact Arnold & Itkin LLP today
    to request your free consultation.

    Our firm is backed by years of experience and has been successful in recovering billions of dollars. You can count on us to stand up for your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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  • How to Choose the Right Attorney

    Maritime law is a highly complex area of the law. You deserve to have someone in your corner who is skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in maritime cases.

  • What Is the Jones Act?

    Are you wondering how The Jones Act can benefit you? Learn the history of this piece of legislation, how it will affect your case, and how Arnold & Itkin can help you.

  • Will I Get Into Trouble?

    Will filing a lawsuit put me on a "blacklist"? Will I never be hired again? Don't believe the rumor. The reality is that if you have been hurt, you have rights that should be protected.

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The trial lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP are known for the unique blend of skill, energy, and passion they bring to each and every case. Throughout the years, they have scored record-setting verdicts and settlements by taking on tough cases; for example, they represented a third of the crew injured in the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Results such as these have established them as clear leaders in the field.

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