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The Outcomes: How Pleased Were Our Clients?

Watch our clients talk about how their case was handled all the way through to the end.

How happy were clients with us? Listen as past clients discuss the experience they had with our firm, the outcomes we achieved, and whether or not they would refer clients to us in the future.

Testimonials from the Deepwater Horizon Crew

“I’m confident they got me the best possible settlement that could have been achieved by anybody.”

“Y’all have a very good reputation, and you came highly recommended from several people I talked to. You knew maritime law the best.”

“I would definitely, without questioning or second-guessing, refer others to Jason Itkin and [Arnold & Itkin] because they did an outstanding job and they care about their clients. They want to see to it that their clients are well taken care of and well represented.”

“Just nice people. I keep repeating myself, but really, that’s what it was. They made you feel like you were being taken care of. They become your friends over time—they became my friends over time. It’s something I will never forget. They took good care of me.”

“The staff here is great, and y’all are great lawyers. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly or more personable group of people to work with.”

“This is about the best firm you can deal with. Good hospitality, good people to know, good people working for you. You don’t have to worry about harassing them to find anything out—they’ll call and let you know when you need to do this or that, when you need to see the doctor or see them.”

“I would do nothing but recommend Arnold & Itkin.”

“I’m very happy with the outcome, and it’s been great having y’all in my corner.”

“I know they’re going to be here for a while if they keep doing what they’re doing. They’re outstanding lawyers. I’m very pleased with what they did for me.”

“They guided me through the whole thing without having to ask me questions—they’re just smart people. One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made...Through this whole ordeal, I’ve had to make really tough decisions. This one was one of them…[but] I am so glad, and I don’t regret one minute of it.”

“I can’t say enough about them. I don’t know what the words are—all I can say is if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would go right back to Jason and Kurt. They’re truly great people.”

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