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Ensuring You Receive The Best Medical Care

Being injured offshore is extremely difficult on the victim and the family. Arnold & Itkin works to make sure you receive the best medical care to recover from these accidents.

At Arnold & Itkin, we make it our top priority to ensure our clients work with some of the best doctors and receive the very best in medical care.

What Clients Have to Say About Arnold & Itkin's Help

“Absolutely I got some of the best doctors in Pensacola, FL. I knew who they were before the incident. I asked if I could continue to see them, if it was possible, and [Arnold & Itkin] set everything up. No hassles, no problems—things were taken care of. That was the biggest relief: I never had to worry.”

“I got set up with a very good doctor. He helped me out a lot with the problems I was having. All the doctors I saw were really, really good doctors.”

“[With] TransOcean’s recommended doctors, it felt like it was a hopeless cause because I was not getting better. I was still having the same feelings. Once we got on track with Arnold & Itkin, I saw an actual specialist who had dealt with PTSD and MDR, and also a neurologist and a psychologist.”

“After hiring Jason and the law firm, I feel that they did an outstanding job with taking care of everything, being open about the situation, communicating with me—which is very important to me. Communicating with me consistently with what was happening, referring me to the best doctors, counselors, and specialists, to see what was happening.”

"That was the Biggest Relief: I never Had to Worry."

“Before, I felt like...when I got off the rig I saw a doctor. That doctor saw me in a hotel. That doctor didn’t write anything down, didn’t write my name down. It was basically just a ‘glance-over and send you on your way.’ When I told her there was something wrong with my breathing, she told me to see my doctor once I got in, basically. That was about it. Dealing with Kurt, he basically set me up with good doctors that I felt like were really trying to get me back on my feet. I had problems sleeping and all. Laura Campbell, she basically helped me get myself to where I could deal with certain people asking me certain questions about the incident.”

“Well they had asked me about my conditions, how I was feeling, y’know, just...they set me up with some doctors appointments, and I went to them. I liked the way they had things set up, and the way things went as far as when my appointments were. They were convenient for me, the doctors were real good, and they took real good care of me.”

“The company doctors they put in front of us they my own words, they were clowns. It was a joke compared to [the doctors] Arnold & Itkin put in front of me. They were pretty interesting people—helped me out a lot. Dr. Dilkes, he’s quite a character.”

“They came through every time. If I needed something, a doctor or a procedure, they would wire transfer or whatever they had to do. Things were taken care of. It was paid. I always knew that it was gonna be taken care of. That was probably the best...there’s so much that was good, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one. So much weight was lifted! It was like all my problems were shifted to Arnold & Itkin. Once that was shifted, all it was for me was to make a phone call and make sure things were okay.”

"They Came Through Every Time."

“I saw every kind of doctor imaginable. They checked me out head to toe. I was having some back issues. I was in pain and such, but I thought it was just stress from everything that was happening and everything that was going on. They put me in touch with a back specialist, Dr. Kupic. Come to find out he’s pretty much world-renowned for his specialty and such. They put me in touch with one of the best renowned psychiatrists, Dr. Axelrod, who has done the Texas City explosions and such. Apparently, he comes highly highly rated for that. He actually helped me a considerable amount. Just being able to sit down and talk to him, go through things like what life was and where I was and such.

I went to hearing doctors, eyesight doctors, brain doctors actually. Dr. Lilly (a specialist there)—I went to him and had an MRI done on my brain just to make sure that when I was blown across the room, that everything was intact up there. That I actually had a brain—that was nice to know. They sent me to a Dr. Pollack, where they actually tested you. That was probably one of the hardest ones right there. That was about two to three days of intense testing. But it kinda gave me a baseline of where I was and where I needed to go. What was actually happening with me and what I needed to do to take steps to get back to my original self.

I’ve seen, I’d say, in the neighborhood of about 10-15 different doctors, different specialists and such. They were more concerned with ‘Are you okay?’ least I got the feeling that it was ‘Look, we’re gonna check you out head-to-toe—we’re gonna make sure you’re okay.’ You didn’t get the feeling they were doing that for cases or whatever. It was to ensure that everything about you was okay, that you were healthy, you were gonna have (hopefully) a long life and such. They send you to tons of different specialists.”

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