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Most offshore injury claims come from incidents that occur in the maritime field such as slip and falls , rigging accidents , or other common dangers . However, one of the most dangerous and constant challenges an offshore worker can face is cold exposure. If a maritime worker is exposed to frigid waters, they could suffer from hypothermia, frostbite, or other severe complications. Maritime ...
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Imagine the following scenario: Two ships with plenty of space are approaching each other. It’s a clear night, and they see each other fine—both with radar instruments and visually. Equipment for both ships is functioning fine, and multiple officers onboard are on watch (or just observing). Yet, despite all this, the captain of one of the vessels decides to make a turn that puts him in the direct ...
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Offshore attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP filed suit on behalf of an experienced construction manager hired to work on a platform off the coast of Equatorial Guinea. He was assigned the top bunk of a bed for sleeping, but the platform owner’s failed to provide adequate railing and safeguards with the bunk. The platform owner also ignored our client’s request for a lower bunk. Consequently, our ...
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