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Arnold & Itkin’s Jones Act lawyers are representing a man who is suffering because of the careless behavior of his employer. Our client sustained debilitating injuries caused by understaffing, a lack of proper equipment, and the unreasonable demands of his employer. No one should find themselves injured and unable to work because their employer neglected safety. When employers cut corners to save ...
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The Jones Act was made to protect offshore workers. It was passed in 1920 and is officially known as the Merchant Marine Act. This important law protects workers from preventable accidents by giving them the ability to hold responsible parties liable should one occur. Before the Jones Act, workers could only seek compensation for their immediate medical needs and their cost of living until maximum ...
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Four Parties that Cause Offshore Accidents

Working in the maritime industry has never been completely safe. For hundreds of years, men and women have braved the ocean to bring back the bounty and trade that it offers. Today, the offshore industry has evolved beyond what the earliest sailors could have ever imagined. Oil rigs dig deep into the ocean, ships brave harsh waters, and vessels can carry more cargo than ever before. Coming along ...
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