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What’s an Allision & When Do Vessels Allide?

The maritime industry is filled with words that aren’t used in everyday language. Building upon centuries of tradition, nautical words have been transferred from one generation of workers to the next. This means that everyday words used by offshore workers might not be familiar to many other people—including those who are new to the industry. One word that might not be familiar to non-offshore ...
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Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold , Caj Boatright , Roland Christensen , Joseph McGowin , and Claire Traver recently filed a case against Transocean and Beacon for leaving the crew of the Deepwater Asgard directly in the path of a hurricane. By doing this, these companies subjected the crew of this vessel, including our client, to extremely dangerous, life-threatening, and traumatizing ...
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Worker Injured During Tow on Mississippi River

Arnold & Itkin is currently working to help a deckhand injured while working on a towboat on the Mississippi River. Our client collapsed when he was told to lift two heavy spools of wire without proper assistance. His employer thought our client’s incident and suffering was funny, but he now has two herniated discs. This man relied on his body to take care of himself and his family, but now his ...
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