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When Is Jones Act Coverage Required?

The maritime industry has one of the oldest laws designed to protect injured workers. The concept of maintenance and cure means that injured seamen must receive compensation for living costs (maintenance) and for medical care until they are healed as much as possible (cure). Notably, maintenance and cure doesn’t require either party to prove fault—it only requires the injured party to have been ...
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Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and Adam Lewis filed a lawsuit today on behalf of a man who sustained serious injuries when heavy equipment fell on his leg as he was working aboard the DSV Kelly Ann Candies, a commercial diving vessel. The equipment knocked the man over and pinned him knees-down to the deck of the ship. Injuries like our client’s hinder the ability to earn a living, enjoy our ...
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How Dangerous Is Oil Rig Work?

When you’re on an offshore rig, the dangers that exist on them become obvious. Miles off the coast, workers on offshore rigs deal with dangerous materials, turbulent conditions, and the hazards that come with using heavy equipment. So, just how dangerous is working on an oil rig? How Often Are Offshore Oil Rig Workers Killed? As mentioned above, offshore drilling platforms are filled with dangers ...
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