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Offshore workers suffer from severe accidents at a disproportionate amount when compared to the rest of the American workforce. Those who work offshore face the risk of suffering from a fatal accident which is seven times higher than other industries in the United States. These accidents occur for several reasons. Two-thirds of all offshore worker deaths are in the oil and gas industry. First, ...
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Arnold & Itkin filed a case on behalf of a man who was seriously injured while working offshore in the Philippines. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a torn meniscus that has inhibited his ability to work and will require extensive medical treatments. Our client is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Offshore employers have the responsibility to ensure that their vessel is safe and our ...
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Cruise ships have a reputation of being one of the safest ways to travel. These large luxury boats can carry thousands of people to global destinations. However, it’s difficult to know exactly how many accidents occur on cruise ships. The Department of Transportation only reports criminal activity on boats. Additionally, independent research has questioned the thoroughness of accident statistics ...
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A cargo ship tipped over off the coast of Georgia early Sunday morning, nearly capsizing. Crew members called for help at approximately 2 a.m. and responders arrived to find the large motor vehicle transporter Golden Rayon its side. The ship tipped over after listing heavily. It was departing from the Port of Brunswick after being loaded and unloaded by longshoremen. The vessel had 23 crew members ...
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