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Common Sources of Shipyard Injuries

While maritime jobs such as offshore drilling have a reputation for being dangerous, many overlook the dangers associated with shipyard work. Shipyard workers weld, plumb, machine, use rigging, and work with a variety of chemicals. These facts make shipyard work one of the most dangerous professions in the maritime industry. Understanding the common shipyard dangers can help companies protect ...
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Arnold & Itkin filed a case on behalf of a man from Kaplan, Louisiana. Our client was working as a chef for an offshore company when he slipped and fell due to dangerous conditions on the ship. The man suffered serious injuries to his neck, back, shoulder, foot, and other parts of his body. These injuries have required our client to go through extensive medical treatments. Offshore employers have ...
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What to do After A Cruise Ship Accident

When we think of cruises, the fun associated with them is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Relaxation, great food, swimming, and onshore excursions are just a few of the things that most think of when it comes to cruises. Though they might be a haven for fun, cruise ships are immune to accidents. Various accidents can spoil the fun of a cruise. However, many accidents on a cruise ship ...
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