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Case Filed on Behalf of a Young Man Injured on a Tugboat

Arnold & Itkin is representing a young man who sustained serious injuries to his back while working on a tugboat in the Mississippi River. The man fell while working on board and landed on his back. The defendants failed to provide our client with a safe working environment and failed to train other employees, which exposed the young man to significant harm.

It is the employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment for all employees to prevent accidents like this from occurring. Employers should train all their employees on how to use complex machinery and how to spot and report serious hazards. Our client’s employer should be held accountable for their negligent behavior and for the damage done to our client. The defendants are based out of Ohio and Utah but conduct substantial business around the county. The maritime attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are filing suit in Harris County, Texas and are eager to get our client the justice he deserves.

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