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Case Filed for Man Injured When Vessel Crashed into Houston Dock

Arnold & Itkin recently filed suit on behalf of a man who was seriously injured by the carelessness of the owner and operator of a large boat. Our client was standing on a wooden dock at the Houston Ship Channel when the defendant’s vessel crashed into it. Large vessels should never make contact with docks, and it’s the responsibility of their owners to prevent dangerous collisions such as this one from happening.

When companies operate large vessels, they must do so while emphasizing safety. Vessel owners must ensure that their crews receive training for safe navigation and that the mechanical components of their ship are functional. If they fail to do this, dangerous accidents such as the one our client experienced place lives at risk.

Arnold & Itkin’s offshore injury attorneys are ready to fight for the compensation that this man needs for medical treatment. Our lawyers filed this lawsuit in Harris County, Texas against the owner and operator of the vessel.

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