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Arnold & Itkin’s offshore wrongful death attorneys recently filed a case on behalf of the family of a young man who lost his life while performing tow work in the Baton Rouge area. The worker was on a barge when it collided with another vessel, causing him to fall into the water and drown. His captain had a duty to operate the barge safely. To make matters worse, the employer let down the young ...
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If you are embarking to an offshore rig for the first time, you may be wondering what you need to bring with you. Working on a platform is different than most jobs. It requires long hours, intense physical work, and weeks away from friends and family. While most only worry about what to wear on the first day of a job, offshore workers must pack their entire lives into a small bag. Here are the ...
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Case Filed on Behalf of Injured Offshore Worker

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a young man from Winnsboro, Louisiana who was severely injured while working on an offshore platform off the coast of Louisiana. Despite heavy winds and weather conditions that made the working conditions dangerous, the young man was still ordered to work. Unfortunately, he sustained severe injuries to his back and other parts of his body that will require ...
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Offshore Safety
When most people think of dangers that offshore workers experience, dramatic images of explosions are usually the first thing to come to mind. While explosions are a constant risk for offshore workers, they are also in contact with dangerous chemicals on a regular basis. If ignored, these chemicals can silently cause injury and death. Hydrogen Sulfide Besides being flammable, hydrogen sulfide is ...
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