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Case Filed for Man Who Was Dropped from Drilling Rig

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a man from Midlothian, Texas who was severely injured while working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The man was ordered to test some lifeboats on the defendants’ drilling rig. While the defendants were pulling the man and his crew back into the rig, the boat dropped, jarring the man’s body and injuring his back. The man has already undergone back surgery.

Back injuries have serious consequences. Injuries to the back and spine can leave patients with chronic pain, making them less able to work. For people who have physical jobs, a back injury can sometimes mean the end of a career. Once someone has suffered a serious injury at work, they face both physical and mental obstacles if they try to go back to their job. The loss of income, medical costs, and other losses can leave people like our client with no future and no stability.

Arnold & Itkin is filing suit in Harris County, Texas and is eager to get the man the justice he deserves for his injuries.

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