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Two States Take Steps to Ban Offshore Drilling

Last December, we covered the nine states that joined a lawsuit against the White House over the exploration of gas and oil of the East Coast. Sixteen communities in South Carolina filed the lawsuit over concerns that the tools used to do offshore exploration for oil and gas is destructive to wildlife. The other states joined the lawsuit out of concern for the well-being of their coastal economy. ...
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Case Filed on Behalf of Injured Jones Act Seaman

Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold , Kyle Findley , Kala Sellers , and Adam Lewis recently filed a lawsuit against an offshore drilling company on behalf of a young Jones Act seaman who was seriously injured aboard a drillship. Our client was working on the drillship when another worker kicked a pipe, causing it to roll onto our client’s leg, shattering it. Our client was forced to seek ...
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Case Filed on Behalf of Young Seaman

Arnold & Itkin filed suit in St. Louis on behalf of a young seaman who suffered shoulder and neck injuries while working in Mississippi. His captain ordered him to perform lifting work that was patently unsafe, and our client’s future suffers as a result of injuries suffered during these activities. After the accident, the company terminated him and refused to comply with their maintenance and ...
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Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a man from Midlothian, Texas who was severely injured while working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The man was ordered to test some lifeboats on the defendants’ drilling rig. While the defendants were pulling the man and his crew back into the rig, the boat dropped, jarring the man’s body and injuring his back. The man has already undergone back surgery. Back ...
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