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Case Filed for Injured Trip Pilot

Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Roland Christensen, and Alison Baimbridge are currently representing a seaman from Washington who was severely injured while working on a vessel near Galveston, TX. The man was serving as a trip pilot when he fell backward while climbing a set of stairs. He fell more than 15 feet to the floor of the vessel's second deck, causing injuries to his neck, back, head, shoulders, and other parts of his body.

In this case, our client’s employer failed to provide the proper training and equipment for a safe work environment. Additionally, our the vessel's owner failed to provide the medical treatment that his severe injuries required. Shipowners must ensure that their crew can work safely on their vessel and that it is completely seaworthy. When they fail to do so, crewmembers suffer injuries such as the ones our client sustained.

Arnold & Itkin’s offshore accident lawyers have a history of obtaining results for clients. We will fight to obtain the justice and compensation that this man deserves after suffering from such serious injuries. Our attorneys filed this case in Galveston County, Texas.

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