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Employer Negligence

Maritime Casualties Must be Reported

WIDESPREAD UNDERREPORTING OF MARITIME ACCIDENTS In a 2011 study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, researchers concluded that 50% of accidents that occur at sea are never reported. For every accident that is reported, another occurs that we never hear about . Conducted for risk prevention management, the study recommended that risk analysis consultants plan for a large margin of ...
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Jones Act, Arnold & Itkin News
The Jones Act lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Florida seaman injured on a well intervention vessel. The roustabout had his hand crushed while working with cables. He needed his thumb amputated, in addition to sustaining other severe injuries. In a profession where a tight grip is necessary for virtually all tasks, losing a thumb is catastrophic. While working aboard ...
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May 22 Is National Maritime Day

Ever since 1607, the destiny of the United States has largely been decided on the seas. Of the original 13 colonies, 12 sat on the Atlantic coast, making each colony a seafaring state to varying degrees. Some of our nation’s greatest advancements depended on our ability to travel across the ocean—from our ability to trade with Britain, to our involvement in the World Wars hundreds of years later. ...
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Often, those who are injured while working on a vessel are not certain if they are covered under the Jones Act. To determine whether or not your case is eligible for a Jones Act claim, it is important to understand how a "vessel" is defined under the law. What Is a Jones Act Vessel? When it was first passed in the 1920s, the Jones Act covered a limited number of vessels. These vessels included ...
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Crane Accidents

Offshore Work Is Getting More Dangerous

The Downtrend in Crane Safety Crane safety is at its worst point in years. In 2015, the head of the federal offshore safety agency, Brian Salerno, revealed that crane incidents per installation have doubled over the last four years. “No one wants to face the family of a worker who dies or is severely injured because we didn’t do our jobs correctly, or because we failed to recognize that the risks ...
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Training for Well Workers

The vast majority of airline crashes have one thing in common. In 75% of commercial plane accidents, the crash occurred on the first day a flight crew had ever flown together. In another study, researchers found that if you put a heart surgeon with a new team, his mortality rate went back up. Why? Experts believe that skill and competence is team-specific—meaning the skill of an individual only ...
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A Look into Life upon an Offshore Drilling Rig

Living and working on an island with two weeks off every month sounds like the dream. For offshore workers, it’s their life—and while it has its upsides, it's certainly not always a "dream." While the schedule sounds lightweight, it is purposefully designed to provide a built-in balance to the long, arduous hours and close quarters aboard the rig. Cities in their own right, offshore rigs have a ...
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When an individual is injured in a maritime accident, they may be able to file a claim for their medical costs, lost wages, and living expenses during recovery. However, depending on the specific details of your case, you may have limited time to do so—this is known as the statute of limitations. In cases that fall under offshore and maritime law, the Uniform Statute of Limitations for Maritime ...
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Our blog has previously talked about the difference between the UK's approach to offshore safety and our country's approach. In essence, the difference is in what our industry's value. In Britain, offshore companies are willing to invest in safety before failure occurs. Safety officials create a list of dire risks and prepare for them, regardless of precedent. In the US, however, we only fix ...
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