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Case Filed for Mississippi River Worker Injured by Fall

Arnold & Itkin filed suit on behalf of a Mississippi River seaman who was injured because his vessel had a trap-door manhole cover. Our client stepped on it without realizing, causing a serious fall. He suffered injuries to his shoulder, arm, and other parts of his body. Injuries like this are more than an inconvenience. As a Chief Engineer, he was able to provide for his family of four before the incident. Now, he’s uncertain whether he can ever work on the Mississippi River again. By preventing our client from earning a living, the dangerous conditions on the vessel have affected an entire family.

Our role now is to make sure his family is taken care of, his medical bills are paid for, and his company foots the bill for his present and future losses of income. By doing that, we'll be doing what the law calls "making him whole," or replacing the financial damages caused by his injury.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent this man in seeking the justice he deserves.

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