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On October 20, ship engineer Timothy Lerette and a co-worker sailed into the dark waters of the Gulf to find his crewmates. He saw a lifejacket floating a short distance from the Bouchard-owned oil barge they worked on. He knew who it was: Du'jour Vanterpool, 26, one of two crewmembers working on the deck that night. He was dead. "We tried to retrieve him but he slipped out of his life jacket and ...
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Arnold & Itkin LLP Jones Act lawyers Kurt Arnold, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis recently filed suit on behalf of a Texas offshore worker who was injured on the job. While performing his duties as instructed, the client was crushed by a large metal tile. This incident caused severe injuries that needed spinal surgery and will require ongoing medical care. Offshore work is an inherently dangerous job ...
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Last October, a fatal barge explosion occurred off the Port Aransas coast, killing two men. While one man’s body was found several days after the tragic incident, the second still has not be found. On November 2, our law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the presumed-dead sailor’s family. In that suit, we claimed that the company for which the decedent worked (Bouchard Transportation Company) had ...
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Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a new lawsuit today on behalf of an offshore oil rig worker who was struck by a piece of wire rope while working aboard the Noble Clyde Bordeaux. He sustained serious injuries to his face, jaw, and other parts of his body. The young man required emergency surgery to address his injuries, which were caused by the Defendants’ conduct and the unseaworthy condition of the ...
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