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Debates Over Deepwater Horizon Regulations Continue

Seven years ago, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The government was called to action due to the explosion—and act it did. The Obama administration put more regulations on the oil industry than ever before. However, the Trump administration has set its sights on lowering the regulations for company profits.

The Claim That Obama Regulations Were Too Strict

One of the main arguments of the Trump administration in deciding to deregulate the oil industry is due to the fact that some of the regulations are thought to be “overbearing.” The regulations demand that oil platforms and rigs be double checked by an outside third party every so often. Essentially, the idea behind the law is that workers are on their best behavior when somebody else is checking their work. While no one would argue that this makes the industry safer, Republicans have argued that it is an unnecessary cost. The BSEE is an organization that already monitors oil drilling, and they believe they have the situation under control. In addition to the unnecessary addition of an “extra pair of eyes,” the BSEE also believes that the cost-benefit of having those extra eyes is not beneficial. The BSEE says that having a third-party entity double checking specialized equipment will not dramatically increase the safety of drilling. They simultaneously argue that the cost of hiring these entities is expensive and the cost of the procedure is not worth the outcome. While this is arguably true, Democrats question the deregulation change.

The Claim That Another Deepwater Horizon Situation Will Hurt the Oil Industry Further

On the Democratic side of the argument, the defendants of regulation say another Deepwater Horizon situation will result in the oil industry being crushed by activists due to its propensity to cause major accidents. The idea of the argument is that its “better to be safe than sorry.” The Democratic position is that multi-billion dollar companies should be willing to dish out some money to ensure that another Deepwater Horizon case doesn’t occur. It’s not about the level of safety that exists with deregulations, it’s about double and triple checking that these floating oil platforms operate with safety in mind.

Regardless, Arnold & Itkin Will Always Stand for Injured Workers

Our firm doesn’t know how the deliberations will end, but what we do know is that regardless of the outcome, accidents will always occur. When an offshore worker is injured, the company responsible will often not provide them with the help they need. These workers have already been hurt; the regulation debate is completely irrelevant to their current situation. Our firm wants to assist workers who have been injured and need assistance. Offshore accident attorneys are the only protection injured workers have against their corporations. So if you have been injured, take the first step by contacting our firm.

If you have been injured in your offshore job, call (888) 346-5024 for a free consultation.

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