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Maritime Incubator Opens in New York

If a newborn is having difficulty acclimating when he or she is born, they are placed in an incubator. An incubator is a place where ideal conditions promote the growth of an organism. The temperature, the space, even the sounds of the environment are monitored in an incubator so that a newborn has the best chance at developing normally.

A technological incubator is the same, except the target of growth is businesses rather than newborns. A business incubator’s goal is to give various startups the resources they need to grow. The Maritime Global Technologies Innovation Center (MGTIC) in New York is a new maritime incubator.

While the maritime industry continues to expand with the increased interconnectedness of humanity, maritime vessels are not necessarily up-to-date with the latest technologies. Irrespective of the reason for this lack of momentum, MGTIC is looking to change the maritime climate.

“Equipped with the assets of the New York City area, coupled with focused expertise in complex maritime activities, MGTIC will bring people together and support an ecosystem for the benefit of maritime interests at sea, in port, and on land,” stated Dr. Clott, the MGTIC co-founder.

The goal of MGTIC is to partner with startup companies focusing on maritime innovations. MGTIC believes offshore work climates constantly change. The dynamic atmosphere of nautical employment demands the support of dedicated research companies. These companies will create tools, methods, and machines that will not only increase maritime productivity but will also make offshore employment safer for workers.

Congratulations to MGTIC & Their Recent Launch

We at Arnold & Itkin constantly fight for maritime workers against unsafe work environments and careless employers. Our firm’s primary goal is to achieve safer workspaces for seafaring personnel by holding maritime companies accountable to the part they played in injuring our clients. The parallel goal of MGTIC is to create innovations for maritime companies that will increase productivity and keep employees safe. So, from one maritime advocate to another, cheers to your new launch!

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