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Jones Act Claim Filed for Texas Seaman Thrown Overboard

Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge and Roland Christensen filed a lawsuit in Harris County, Texas today on behalf of a client who was seriously injured when working as a Jones Act seamen. Unfortunately, Arnold & Itkin LLP’s client was recklessly injured when he was working on a vessel.

At the time of the incident, Arnold & Itkin LLP’s client was performing work on a scaffold when his vessel and another vessel collided without warning. The collision caused Arnold & Itkin LLP’s client to fall into the water below.

Working in the maritime industry is a dangerous career. Making a living on the seas has always been dangerous, but today’s industries are more demanding than ever—sacrificing the safety of workers for the sake of widening the profit margin. Long hours, dangerous equipment, and sudden disasters are all more common in offshore work, which is why maritime employers are held to a high standard of safety. It's more vital for maritime employers to exercise caution and follow stringent policies.

Our offshore injury firm is dedicated to making sure companies follow through on their word to care for their workers, to keep them safe whenever possible and pay for their mistakes when they occur. Our team has been able to help countless workers receive the medical care, lost wages, and compensation they deserve for damages due to negligence.

Arnold & Itkin LLP is proud to represent all victims who are injured while working offshore.

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