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Jones Act Case Filed for Florida Cruise Employee

Arnold & Itkin makes it our business to fight for people who have been abused by businesses and employers, people whose injuries demand justice and financial support. Our newest case is a Jones Act case on behalf of a woman who was subjected to unsafe working conditions and denied treatment by her employer—Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Not only was she injured, but her requests for medical care were ignored for days. Here’s her story:

While working aboard the Pride of America, our client was asked to carry an excessively weighted load—a load which proved to be dangerously heavy, as she was injured while lifting it. Shortly afterward, she reported to the ship’s medics to inform them of her injuries and to request leave to get medical care. Responsible doctors might have complied.

However, instead our client was forced to wait for days while the vessel’s doctors insisted that she wasn’t truly injured. As soon as she was able, she got off the vessel and sought emergency medical care. Her hospital physicians confirmed that our client had serious spinal injuries. Cases like this highlight how important it is for employers to heed their workers’ requests for medical care. Our team is committed to helping our client get the help she needs, both through medical care and by holding her employers accountable for their failure to care for her well-being.

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