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Case Filed for Oil Rig Worker Injured on Fixed Platform

Arnold & Itkin, LLP recently filed a case involving a man who was injured aboard a fixed oil production platform when he was instructed to lift a compressor weighing over 300 pounds without being provided proper safety equipment to complete the task. As a result of this negligent tasking, the man sustained injuries to his neck, back, and shoulders.

It’s the supervisor’s job to ensure that everyone is given a job they are trained and equipped to do. When people are asked to do a job that they haven’t been properly prepared for, especially in the high-stakes environment of an oil rig, they can get seriously injured. Our client was the victim of negligence through poor management—one of the most preventable forms of negligence there is. He deserved better than to be left unable to work.

Arnold & Itkin LLP looks forward to representing this individual and seeking the justice that he deserves.

The case was filed in the East Baton Rouge Parish of Louisiana.

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