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Case Filed for Seaman Injured on Tugboat

As one of the most dangerous jobs in America, offshore employment deserves the fullest protection and compensation available under the law. Arnold & Itkin is honored to be standing beside our newest client—a man who was injured while working aboard a tugboat for T&D Towing. Our client’s case was filed against his employer.

Specifically, our client was asked to lift heavy nylon ropes that were far too unsafe for one person to handle. This was made evident when he suffered injuries to back, neck, and shoulders shortly after lifting the ropes. Our hope is to win the compensation our client needs to make up for his medical costs, lost wages, and pain. In addition, we hope a victory in this case will compel T&D Towing to put more effort into creating a safe work environment.

We look forward to fighting for our client and helping ensure that he gets everything he needs to get back on his feet.

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