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Jones Act Suit Filed for Injured Seaman

The Jones Act is a law that allows injured seamen to seek compensation from their employers when negligence causes severe or long-term injuries. Passed in 1920, the Jones Act is a rare type of law that is as relevant today as when it was passed. Our most recent case is a Jones Act claim on behalf of a seamen who was injured by negligent safety standards.

Our client was a worker on a crew boat when he suffered a severe fall on the deck. The fall resulted in serious shoulder and back injuries, and left him permanently blind in his right eye. These injuries necessitated high medical bills in order to heal his injuries and return function where it was possible. Now, our firm fights for him in order to help him receive compensation for his medical care, ongoing treatment and rehabilitation, and wages lost during this ordeal (and for the rest of his life).

Workers like our newest client illustrate why the Jones Act and offshore attorneys are still relevant to the industry. Increasing safety technology and accountability has lowered the fatality and injury rate for every industry in the U.S. except the offshore industry. When bad things happen to innocent workers, Arnold & Itkin’s job is to make sure our clients get everything they need to survive while getting justice. Our firm aims to make the vessel owners accountable to our client.

The case was filed in Harris County.

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