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Suit Filed for Man Injured on Marine Vessel

Maritime law attorneys from Arnold & Itkin recently filed a Jones Act case on behalf of a seaman who sustained serious injuries to his back while working on a marine vessel. The man has been unable to work as a result of these serious injuries which would not have occurred but for the defendants’ reckless conduct. Arnold & Itkin LLP is honored that another offshore worker has trusted us to help him through this trying time in his life.

The case was filed in Harris County, Texas, where the defendants’ headquarters are located.

At our law firm, we remain committed to demanding justice on behalf of individuals who are hurt during the course of maritime work. We know that offshore work is important, but dangerous—and our attorneys are fully dedicated to ensuring that the injured are fully protected. If you would like to learn more about recent cases that we have filed, victories we have won, and more, we encourage you to browse through our site.

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