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Arnold & Itkin News, El Faro
The judge overseeing the El Faro case has given all parties—the vessel owners and the plaintiffs holding them accountable—until May 7 th , 2018 to prepare arguments about why Tote should or shouldn’t have limited liability protection in this case. Below, we discuss the El Faro case, how Tote is arguing for limited liability, and why this court date matters. Why This Decision Matters to Us For ...
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Boat Accident
Just before noon Tuesday morning, the crew of the Alaska Juris were faced with a terrible problem: Their ship was sinking. The 220-foot fishing vessel (specifically a factory trawler, which drags nets in order to catch fish) began taking on water in the late morning, on a day only notable for the heavy fog and low visibility. Otherwise, the weather and winds were calm. The Alaska Juris allegedly ...
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Arnold & Itkin News
Maritime law attorneys from Arnold & Itkin recently filed a Jones Act case on behalf of a seaman who sustained serious injuries to his back while working on a marine vessel. The man has been unable to work as a result of these serious injuries which would not have occurred but for the defendants’ reckless conduct. Arnold & Itkin LLP is honored that another offshore worker has trusted us to help ...
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Offshore oil and gas exploration is a lucrative business, but it also carries a number of unique hazards. Often, one wrong move or defective machine part can have a devastating impact on extraction efforts. With the ever-increasing race to extract minerals, the energy industry has unfortunately had to deal with several massive catastrophes. The blowout preventer (BOP) was cited as a major cause of ...
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7 11
Later this month, thousands of oil platforms on the United States coast will be subject to new regulations for reporting maintenance failure. Currently, oil rigs are not required to report equipment failure unless it meets certain conditions or affects environmental safety. In other words, rigs don’t have to report failing equipment until something terrible happens. Thankfully, that will soon ...
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Fatigue: The Silent Killer

There is no denying the importance of maritime workers in the global economy. Ships and other vessels transport over 90% of the world's goods, providing jobs for millions of maritime workers in the U.S. and abroad. Given the importance of the maritime industry, the need for safe working conditions for maritime and offshore workers should be a top priority. Yet, too often, accidents occur that ...
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