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Port of Mobile: Largest Port in Alabama

Dedicated in 1928, the Port of Mobile is one of the oldest and largest ports in Alabama, boasting four million square feet of warehouses and open yards. The highly trafficked location deals with millions of tons of goods per year, importing and exporting containers, coal, lumber, iron, steel, and chemicals. While extremely productive, the port can also play host to numerous accidents and injuries. Resulting lawsuits are often taken up against large companies who are backed by a team of skilled lawyers. In these unfortunate and sometimes catastrophic situations, it is essential to find a trustworthy and capable Alabama maritime attorney who can aggressively pursue just compensation for you and your loved ones.

History of the Port of Mobile

Early explorers established Mobile as a strategic trade port by which they could access the inland of the New World and easily import items along the coast. Mobile passed through the ownership of France, England, and Spain before becoming part of the United States in 1813. Improvements on the harbor, such as the deepening of its channels, made it one of the largest ports in the South by the 1850’s and certainly the largest in Alabama.

In the 20th century, the changes brought about during World War I and World War II helped make the Port of Mobile what it is today. The city’s commercial shipping capacity doubled after World War I while World War II saw an increase in the waterfront workforce. Perhaps the biggest post-war investment was the project that connected the Port of Mobile to the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Today it is the nation’s ninth largest port.

Accidents on the Port of Mobile

Large ports are often the sites of unfortunate worker accidents, and the Port of Mobile is no exception. A string of accidents in 2013 included a fatality that resulted from a steel railroad track falling from a crane and striking a worker. Another incident involved the death of a man who was working in a guard shack that was blown into the Mobile River by strong winds. One accident resulted from a barge explosion which didn’t fatally wound anyone, but seriously injured three workers on the barge. Though companies with bad safety records do not generally last long at the port, the mass quantities of imports and exports combined with the dangerous materials being handled make for a high-risk environment. 

I’ve Been Injured at the Port of Mobile. Do I Need A Maritime Lawyer?

Offshore accidents do not follow the same protocol as land-based accidents, which is why a skilled advocate is often necessary. Fortunately, Arnold & Itkin has a team of Alabama maritime lawyers dedicated to fight for your rights. We are not afraid to take on the big companies so often involved in these incidents and have a record of success in dealing with maritime injuries. You can rest assured that our maritime attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have your best interests in mind and are equipped to pursue compensation for any Port of Mobile incidents.

Named in The Best Lawyers in America® for Admiralty and Maritime Law, it is no wonder that one third of the crew members in the Deepwater Horizon Explosion chose Arnold & Itkin to represent themselves and their families in the resulting lawsuits—with great success. We are passionate about recovering compensation for injured workers and their loved ones. Recently, we broke a personal record and recovered $29 million for a family after they lost a loved one in an offshore accident. 

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