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Piracy off of the Coast of Somalia

Most people think that piracy is an antiquated problem without any sort of modern day presence. This is not the case. Unfortunately, maritime piracy is still alive and well in some parts of the world. Most recently, piracy off of the coast of Somalia has drawn widespread media attention. Widespread Problems Caused by Piracy Near Somalia In recent years, Somalia has become a high risk area for ...
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Barge Accident

What Is a Spud Barge?

The offshore and maritime industries are full of unique pieces of equipment, workstations, and job titles. Understanding these aspects can help workers and their loved ones better understand their positions. For example, a spud barge is a type of barge that is moored by using through-deck pilings or steel shafts, which are commonly referred to as spuds (hence the name). There are number types of ...
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Jones Act
Offshore injuries are often very serious. Whether on the job or at a friend’s home, getting injured while on the water can quickly complicate things. In the case of floating homes, it is important to determine what is and isn’t a “vessel” so that the appropriate action can be taken if an injury occurs. Recent changes to the law have narrowed what constitutes a vessel. Why does this matter? Under ...
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The seasoned maritime lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have filed on a case on behalf of a cargo inspector who suffered serious injuries on a Kirby barge—the largest domestic tank barge operator in the U.S. who prides itself on maintaining "safety first." The worker slipped and fell on the deck of the barge due to the presence of a slippery substance. As a result of his fall, the cargo inspector severely ...
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