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Celebrating World Maritime Day 2015

During the last week of September, governments all over the world unite in a common celebration of the maritime industry. Known as World Maritime Day, the holiday was started by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a U.N. agency established by the Geneva Convention in 1948 and formed in 1959.

World Maritime Day honors the risks and benefits of the maritime industry by drawing attention to shipping safety, security, and other concerns that maritime workers face. This year, the 2015 theme for World Maritime Day was “Maritime Education and Training.” By drawing attention to the importance of solid and thorough training, the IMO hopes to further improve the safety of the shipping industry.

Events to Spread Education & Career Opportunities

The IMO hosted multiple events during the week of World Maritime Day. One event invited elementary students to explore what it is like to be a maritime worker, including using a ship simulator! They also learned about the diverse jobs and positions that the maritime industry offers. The IMO hopes to establish an interest in maritime work in the next generation.

Another event was geared towards high school students, who heard speakers from Plymouth University and Warsash Maritime Academy. They were also allowed to operate a ship simulator as well. In addition, the group of over 100 students spent time speaking with maritime workers and cadets about their profession.

Discussing the Future of the Maritime Industry

Part of the celebration included a symposium that drew members of the maritime community from all over the world. The subject of the symposium included developing the overall skill of professional seafarers through high-quality training and career opportunities for younger generations. Delegates included representatives of governments all over the world, as well as independent organizations devoted to the shipping industry.

As a maritime accident law firm, our legal team supports any measures that help keep our maritime workers safe. We wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the IMO—to build a safer, more secure shipping industry. As World Maritime Day continues to spread awareness about the maritime industry, our firm will continue to support it however we can.

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