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BP & State of Alabama Come to New Agreement

Just this past July, the State of Alabama finally reached a major agreement in principle with BP over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill that happened just 100 miles off Alabama’s coast. Under this agreement, Alabama will receive more than $2 billion in total compensation. This brings BP’s current settlement agreement to $18.7 billion, which must still be approved by the court before the case can effectively move forward again.

While the agreement was surprising for many, it will be a positive step for the Deepwater Horizon case overall and move the issue one step closer to being resolved. A majority of the local governments involved accepted their settlement offers, allowing the $2 billion agreement to move forward successfully.

This will include compensation for the following:

  • Economic losses due to the spill
  • Natural resource damage
  • Clean Water Act civil fines and penalties

The next step in the case becomes the consent decree, which will be entered for the entire amount, including Alabama’s agreement. This will be a very complex process, especially considering the pollution and environmental aspects of the cases.

Environmental Restoration Plan to be Opened to Public Comment

Under the agreement and consent decree, an environmental restoration plan must be put into place for the damage done by the 200+ million gallons of crude oil pumped into the ocean in the 2010 incident. The current suggested plan will be opened up for public comment in the next few months. This is an important part of the process, as getting public support and approval will help bring resolution to the case. The plan will also be taken into consideration by all of the parties involved.

While it may seem like the Deepwater Horizon incident will haunt courts and victims forever, this most recent agreement is promising closure for many of the individuals, entities, and businesses impacted by this deadly disaster.

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