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Offshore Injuries

Injuries from Cold Exposure

Most offshore injury claims come from common incidents that occur in the maritime field such as slip and falls, rigging accidents, or similar issues. However, one of the most dangerous challenges an offshore worker can face is cold exposure. If a maritime worker is exposed to frigid waters, they could suffer from hypothermia, frostbite, or other severe complications. Maritime hypothermia can even ...
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Arnold & Itkin News
In a recent case, Attorneys Cory Itkin , Jason Itkin , and Kelly Woods were successful in recovering a $1.5 million settlement on behalf of a longshoreman who sustained a severe back injury in a line handling incident. The injury was severe enough that our client required multiple back surgeries as treatment. Our client had been injured when carrying a mooring line alongside a dock to tie up a ...
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Maritime Law

What Is a Deckhand?

Considering a career in the maritime industry ? Have a loved one who works as a deckhand? Understanding more about this important role can give you a better idea of what to expect on the job. Ships and vessels of all sizes require all types of workers to help maintain effective operations. Some of the most key members of a crew are deckhands. These individuals perform a number of essential tasks ...
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