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Houston Ship Channel Open Again After Ship Collision

The Houston Ship Channel has finally reopened after being shut down for the past three days. The closure began on Tuesday when an oil tanker and a bulk carrier collided near Morgan's Point. The bulk carrier was able to be moved immediately following the collision, but the oil tanker suffered structural damage that did not allow it to be moved until Thursday morning.

Toxins Spilled Into Ship Chanel

Additionally, a couple of the tanker's cargo tanks ruptured during the collision and spilled Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) into the channel. The rest of the MTBE onboard had to be removed from the vessel before taking it to Barbour's Cut turning basin. The vessel will be moved to another location once it has been inspected to ensure that it is seaworthy.

No Signs of Environmental Damage

The MTBE that leaked has been contained and water tests that have been conducted have shown no warning signs for public health or the environment.

Though an investigation is underway, the cause of the collision has yet to be determined.

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