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Looking for the Best Maritime Attorney?

Maritime litigation (sometimes known as admiralty law) is a broad area of law dealing with disputes, accidents, or legal claims taking place offshore or in international waters. Interestingly, maritime law in the U.S. is the only practice area that predates the Constitution. As a result, the structure of laws regarding the sea and open water often does not resemble their land counterparts.

The unique, specialized complexity of maritime law, combined with its long history and broad reach, means it can be difficult to know whether a lawyer is adept at maritime law. As injuries and disputes at sea are often destructive and severe, finding a good attorney who is well-versed in admiralty law can be even more crucial than finding, say, a good divorce lawyer.

Deep Knowledge Regarding the Jones Act

Maritime law often centers on crucial precedents that are historically well-established. The Jones Act is particularly important, as it dictates that workers who are harmed at sea are entitled to sue the ship owner for the negligence of a fellow sailor. Working knowledge of the Jones Act, among other laws (such as the Death on the High Seas Act and the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act), may indicate the quality and expertise of a maritime attorney.

These laws are particularly strict regarding who they apply to, so a knowledgeable maritime law attorney would be able to explore your options specifically within the context of these laws, in addition to general maritime law.

Record of Long-Term Cases

Maritime cases can sometimes take a long time to conclude. For example, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is still settling claims five years after the spill. When it comes to maritime law, you want to find an attorney with the commitment and funding to stick with you and your case for years.

If your maritime attorney candidates have no experience handling cases over the course of months and years, they may not have the ability to take your case all the way to a successful conclusion. That level of commitment requires the personal conviction and the bankroll to see your case through—regardless of the cost.

History of Successful Cases

The most significant, obvious quality you should look for in a maritime lawyer is a successful record. If a maritime attorney has yet to win cases in trial, you may be staking your livelihood and your compensation on an untried attorney. You should also look for a history of success with the kind of case that you may be facing. If you’re facing a large ship-owning company who refuses to provide compensation for your injuries, a history of success with boating accidents may not help you. As always, a maritime attorney with a broad history of trial and settlement success will be most likely to assist.

Contact Our Experienced Admiralty Law Attorneys

If you’re looking for maritime injury attorneys who can effectively fight for your rights, you may already be at the right place. The legal team at Arnold & Itkin LLP has secured $1 billion for our clients in the last 5 years alone. We have successfully represented victims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and we have secured record-breaking verdicts and settlements in complex maritime cases. Our location near the Gulf has allowed us to successfully represent a multitude of marine workers and sailors who have been wrongly injured offshore, but our practice represents clients nationwide. If you need a maritime lawyer, we encourage you to explore our site and ask for a free case evaluation. Let us help discuss your legal options.

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