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What Type of Cases Does a Maritime Lawyer Take?

As one of the oldest forms of commerce, maritime trade employs countless seaman and workers across the globe. When a maritime worker is involved in an accident, they have certain rights and protections under the law. While land-based workers are given workers’ compensation, maritime workers are given maintenance and cure under the Jones Act and general maritime law. In addition, and injured worker may also be able to pursue a claim against a negligent employer if a vessel is unseaworthy, allowing for increased compensation for injuries and damages.

Likewise, individuals who aren’t working as seamen but suffered injuries while offshore may have a case under general maritime law if they were injured on an unseaworthy ship. This can refer to nearly any type of hazard or danger.

Legal Options for Those Injured at Sea

So how does an offshore worker protect their rights and ensure they are given fair compensation for injuries? Retaining a skilled and proven maritime injury attorney can be invaluable in these times. People who have suffered injuries while at sea, regardless of their occupation, may also need a maritime lawyer to handle their case. From cruise ship accidents to oil spills, these legal professionals typically provide counsel for a broad range of cases involving maritime law.

For example, our lawyers can handle injuries and damages resulting from:

Accidents may lead to spinal cord injuries, severe burns, loss of limb, illness, and extensive damage to an individual and their family. Having a seasoned maritime law attorney behind your case can mean the difference between your claim being denied and your case being awarded just restitution for your suffering.

What to Look for in a Maritime Attorney

Maritime injury cases can be complex, especially for injured workers. From the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) and the Jones Act to the Limitation of Liability Act and the Public Vessels Act, there are numerous laws and statutes that can affect your case. That is why having an advocate who understands this area of law is so crucial.

You want a lawyer who has demonstrated success handling these types of cases. Arnold & Itkin has recovered more than $1 billion for clients in just the last five years. Our maritime lawyers have obtained record-setting verdicts for offshore workers and their families over the years. We have been victorious against the world’s biggest maritime companies and are ready to put this incisive legal experience to work for your injury case.

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