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UPDATE: Texas City Barge Accident

Following the collision of ship and barge yesterday afternoon, several agencies have arrived at the Texas City Dike in response to the oil spill. Texas City Homeland Security Director Bruce Clawson has stated that some of the bunker fuel from the barge has leaked out and has not yet been contained. Currently, state, federal, and local agencies are all working to contain the oil; according to Clawson, it will be a day or two before it reaches shore.

It is currently unknown how much of the oil has actually spilled; yesterday's collision sprung a leak in one of the barge's tanks, which can hold approximately 168,000 gallons. Clawson stated that containment booms are being used to keep the oil from reaching any sensitive areas in the dike. "Certainly we are always concerned when oil is in the water," said Clawson. "We're concerned for the environment and humans."

Currently, the air is being monitored, but so far there have been no reports of problems in the area. Still, the Houston Ship Channel remains closed to traffic; ferry service between Galveston and Bolivar has also been suspended. It is estimated that the cleanup is blocking about 60 ships from moving in the area. Lt. Sam Danus has stated that there are 27 vessels waiting to enter the channel and 34 waiting to leave, including 3 cruise ships.

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