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Maritime Basket Transfers

When working offshore, crewmembers are transported on and off vessels and platforms in a variety of manners, including by personnel basket transfer. Unfortunately, serious accidents can occur when standard practices, procedures and safety protocols are not followed. Seamen and other offshore workers are often injured in falls, drops, and collisions while being transferred in personnel baskets.

Personnel basket transfers are common for workers in the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment for basket transfers is contained on nearly every rig or vessel, in case it is needed. Vessel owners and operators have a responsibility to make sure the basket transfer equipment is in good working order. It is also important that the people involved in the basket transfer are well trained and know how to properly perform this procedure.

Offshore Worker Basket Transfer Injuries

When a basket transfer is performed in an unsafe manner, the accident can lead to injuries including back, neck, and spinal cord injuries. We have even worked on cases where such a transfer caused an offshore death. When the basket mistakenly impacts another stationary object and structure, it can swing or rapidly fall into dangerous territory. The basket may not only harm the workers inside the basket, but it can also hurt crewmembers already aboard the vessel or platform. These workers can end up trapped, crushed, or struck by a falling or swinging inbound personnel basket.

Potential Causes of Offshore Personnel Basket Transfer Accidents Include:

  • Inexperienced or unlicensed crane operator/crane operator error
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Making a transfer during high or rough seas or windy conditions/motion of boats in the sea
  • Defective equipment or mechanical malfunction
  • Lack of basket training to all persons involved
  • Lack of communication between transferee and crew before the transfer
  • Making transfers at night or during poorly lit conditions /poor visibility
  • Moving the basket too quickly by a crane operator
  • Use of swing ropes in conjunction with basket transfer

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