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Arnold & Itkin Recovers $5.6 Millon on Behalf of Offshore Worker's Mother

The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin recently represented a mother whose son was killed in a crane accident while working offshore. The case involved approximately 20 depositions and was fought in state and federal court, as well as appellate courts, by Attorneys Cory Itkin and Kurt Arnold.

The case was hard fought, as the defendants contended that they were not at fault for the incident, diverting the blame toward other parties. Further, they pressed that the deceased worker was not married and had no dependents at the time of his death in an attempt to devalue his mother's claim to any damages. Our attorneys are proud to announce that they won a $5.6 million settlement in the case, allowing the worker's mother to receive fair compensation for the loss of her son. Arnold & Itkin is dedicated to representing the families of workers killed offshore to help them find peace.

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