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Cory Itkin Reaches $1.6 Million Settlement for Injured Offshore Victim

At Arnold & Itkin, we value each and every client that comes our way. We are committed to do whatever we can to help them reach the settlement or verdict they deserve. This was seen recently as Maritime Attorney Cory Itkin had the privilege of representing a client who was wrongfully injured while working offshore. This man was working too close to a valve on a wireline when it suddenly failed and released large amounts of pressure onto the victim. This pressure pushed him back and caused him to fall onto a scaffolding down below. As a result of the pressure and fall, the plaintiff severely injured his neck and required surgery in order to recover properly.

The Defendants Lose the Fight

The defendants sought to argue the incident was the fault of the worker, rather than their own. They aimed to say that the worker continued his work despite prior knowledge of the failed valve. They also argued he did not suffer as serious of neck injuries as he claimed. With the help of one of our skilled offshore attorneys, we were able to prove that the accident was in fact the fault of the defendant and therefore they should be required to pay for the damages. $1,650,000 was recovered on behalf of the plaintiff's pain and suffering for the accident. Honorable Nancy Atlas presided over the case, which had been pending in the Southern District of Texas.

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